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Mine Ventilation and Air Quality Spcialists Accutron Instruments Inc. is a leading manufacturer of underground mine ventilation monitoring technology founded in 1993. We are based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. We supply worldwide industrial markets with products and services for ventilation monitoring, process automation and optimization of mine ventilation systems to improve process efficiency and energy conservation. We design, manufacture and commission a wide range of mining sensors to meet the demands of harsh industrial environmental conditions and infrastructure demand. Our products include airflow monitors, toxic gas detectors, temperature, pressure and humidity level sensors and complete Mine Air Quality Stations (MAQS). Our service offering includes R&D, PCB design, on-site technical services and custom engineering designs. We have clients in over 17 countries trusting Accutron technology, with over 2000 operational ultrasonic airflow sensors installed worldwide. We aim to create the global standard in underground mine ventilation systems. We are always innovating and never compromising on quality. We develop, apply, and supply the best technologies to our customers.

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Posted : 05-Feb-2015
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